Thursday, November 21, 2019

Bloodstain pattern analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bloodstain pattern analysis - Essay Example This was to prevent the destruction of the valuable and fragile evidence such as shoe prints, concealed weapons and bloodstains. We began to scrutinize and examine the crime scene by taking a walk into the trail of the crime scene. We preferred to use a video recording in documenting the events in the crime scene because these recordings provide a detail perspective that could not be easily perceived in sketches and photographs (Labe, Terry and Barton, 1983). The recordings was mostly focused on the victims surroundings such as the murder weapon, the orientation of the bed that he was murdered on, the blood stains on the victim and the surrounding environment. We did not made the assumption that the blood belonged to the same victim. In this case, it was possible that some of the blood stains gathered at the scene could have been that of the suspect which might have been caused by self-wounding. We documented some classic patterns at the scene to help with the investigation. This pattern included; cast-off Blood stains, the swipe marks on the victim, pattern transfer and the drip patterns (Labe, Terry and Barton, 1983). We also used photograph to document the events at the scene. This was accomplished before anything could be moved or touched at the scene. The photographs that were taken depicted the overall scene which was then followed by close-up and medium range views of the pattern. We included the scale of measure with the close-up photographs. Similarly, we employed sketches and diagram to indicate the position of the bed in relation to the significant and fixed object in the crime scene. During sketching we did not just focus on the immediate environment from where the impact was identified, but we also sketched the larger surrounding in order to shoot the shooting scene in its proper context. We photographed the blood stains, bullet fragments, bullets and the trigger cases in their place and had

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